The 4 Lake Placid Elementary School students who won the recent Lake Placid Rotary "Dam Duck Race" poster contest were given their rubber duck prizes by Rotarians Mary Liz Alexander and Randy Quayle.  The student pictures are being used to decorate the LP Rotary posters which will announce the upcoming event scheduled for Saturday, June 17 at Lisa G's Restaurant.  Seen in the picture from let to right include:  Mary Liz Alexander, Tommy Sheehan, Norah Galvin, Aiden Briggs, Lily Powers, and Randy Quayle.
Imagine 1,200 little rubber ducks lined up in Mill Pond above the dam near Lisa G's restaurant. They are all nervous and eager to get started, having trained all year for this one event. The buzz of anticipation among the onlookers builds until, precisely at 7 p.m. the starter yells, "Go!" and, with a roar from the crowd, the ducks all sprint for the dam and the finish line downstream right next to the outside dining deck at Lisa G's.  Come join the Rotary Club of Lake Placid on Saturday, June 17 at Lisa G's Restaurant for dinner and watch the big Dam Duck Race.  Prizes will be awarded and there will be fun for all!!