The Lake Placid Rotary Club held a social event at the Crown Plaza Hotel as part of our membership drive in our community.  Potential members were informed about our Club's history and what we do in our town as well as hearing some personal stories from members about what being in Rotary means to them
Club Member René Jacoby shared her "Rotary Moment" with us:
As the Rotary Rookie I was asked to share a “moment” tonight. This is my first year as a member. It is also my first Social, and, it was during my first breakfast meeting as an invited guest last March that I knew I was amongst a special group of people. With absolutely no preconceived ideas of what a Rotary Club was I listened that first morning meeting to two veteran members who spoke as part of the club’s ongoing “getting to know you” series. Their life stories clearly defined for me the essence of being a Rotarian: Individuals of various background, education, experience and talent who give back.
I think Shakespeare best defines this quality:
“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
This is exactly what I have found to be the common link of all members, the desire to do some good, the desire to serve in some way. The scope of service is as varied as its individuals, and Rotary is structured so that each can self-define their capacity to serve. On a local scale Rotary service is hosting a children’s Teddy Bear Picnic, establishing a community youth center, cleaning a playground, garnering support for environmental issues, sharing a dollar’s worth of happiness, presenting a pen “guaranteed to write in all languages” to guest speakers who share their knowledge and experience, and supporting neighbors in times of setback or loss.
On a gigantic worldwide scale Rotary service is fighting disease, improving living conditions, disaster relief, supporting education, growing economies and promoting world peace.
I am happy and humbled to count myself one of the 1.2 million like-minded people over the world that has chosen to give their gift away.