At our Club's last meeting for 2019, two donations were made to enhance the educational experiences received by our school population
The Educational Opportunity Fund for the Lake Placid Central School District was presented with a $1,000 check to further support the Fund's efforts in underwriting projects and initiatives outside of the District's operating budget.  The Fund's mission is to advance educational opportunities, enhance the learning and life chances of the District's children and to help ensure the long-term quality and vitality of the school district and surrounding communities.  Club Co-President Mary Liz Alexander presents our check to Fund Co-Chair Sibyl Quayle.
The Summer Reading Program, under the direction of Mrs. Laura Coffin, received $1,500 to continue the Program's efforts to encourage reading for fun and enjoyment in addition to learning.  Mrs. Coffin, assisted by her son Will, explained to our Club how the children go about choosing the books they would like to read.  Several books were shown to the Club as examples of what material is offered to the Lake Placid Elementary School students.  The Club's check is presented to Mrs. Coffin by Co-Presidents Mary Liz Alexander and Randy Quayle.