The Rotary Club of Lake Placid, NY along with our partners are excited to continue a much-needed community service opportunity.   Many in the community have been supporting the Lake Placid Ecumenical Ministries Food Pantry over the past many months.  The number of our neighbors using the food pantry continues to increase. Some foods are no longer available from the regional food bank.
Thank you for your generosity!   Since June 2020 the food pantry has provided 21,642 meals.  This number of meals would feed three meals a day to a family of four, lasting 4.9 years.  In November and December of 2022, the food pantry served 2,236 meals.
Many, though, are challenged by the rising living costs – for example gas, food, rent, clothing.  This causes some families to make difficult decisions about how to use their incomes.   The volume of families using the food pantry to help augment or to provide most of their food remains very high. In 2022 and continuing into 2023, rising inflation has now become another factor impacting how families allocate available funds.  
By working together, we can achieve our goal to address the challenge of hunger in our community. And again, we thank you for your generosity. 
Rotary Club of Lake Placid
Adirondack Community Church
Lake Placid Central School District
Lake Placid Synagogue
Lions Club of Lake Placid
St. Agnes Parish
To see a list of items the food bank would welcome, please click here:
If you wish to make a monetary donation via Venmo or PayPal, please use a QR code below.  Please make sure to tell us the donation is for the LP Food Pantry so we can properly credit the funds.