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May 30, 2022
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Per the Skin Cancer Foundation, an estimated 1.8 million cases of SCC (squamous cell carcinoma) are diagosed each year - that's 205 cases per hour.  At today's meeting, Rotarian Dr. Henri Gaboriau from Adirodack Health walked us through several situations where, with proper attention, skin cancer is preventable.  Dr. Gaboriau discussed his practice which includes plastic/reconstructive surgery, sinus infections of ear, nose and throat in addition to cosmetic procedures.  To focus on preventing skin cancer from developing and what to check for, Dr. Gaboriau suggests starting by visiting http://www.skincancer.org  
We were joined today by Abby Saferstein and Dr. Amanda Klinger, both from NYU Langone Health to talk about an international services project in Northern Ghana, initiated by the Westport Sunrise Rotary Club.  This is a project to bring healthcare and healthcare education to the remote northern areas of Ghana as part of a goal to advance global health equity.   The full presentation deck may be viewed here:https://bit.ly/39dBhpd This is a project which our International Services Committee will explore in the near future to see how we can join with the Westport Sunrise Club, The Tamale (Ghana) Rotary Club, NYU Grossman School of Medicine and the University for Development Studies in Ghana.
A thank you to Dr. Bart Szczech (Adirondack Health / Lake Placid Sports Medicine) for a fascinating presentation on knee and hip pain and treatment protocols. Dr. Bart explained causes of these conditions (impacting a growing percentage of the population) and via his presentation deck described how joints deteriorate, his approach to surgical procedures and measures to deal with arthritis and osteoporosis. Dr. Bart certainly had the focused attention of our members -those in the room and on Zoom. Today's talk continued our series of presentaions on health related topics.
This scholarship award has been given each year since 1994 to a Lake Placid High School Junior or Senior who has demonstrated excellence in vocal and/or instrumental music.  This year's winner in Andrew Scanio.  Andrew received a $1,000 award to use towards college applications or other college related expenses.  Andrew was chosen by a committee including the LPHS music faculty, guidance counselor and principal as well as a representative from Rotary.  At our April 28th meeting, Andrew performed vocal and trombone selections.  Our congratulations to Andrew and his family.
At our 4/28 meeting, the Literacy Committee presented awards of $1,000 each to the Adirodack Family Book Festival and the Educational Opportunity Fund of the Lake Placid Central School District.  The Book Festival is planned to be a celebration of community, diversity and storytelling at historic John Brown Farm.  The EdOp Fund identifies "next level" initiatives to address opportunity gaps (economic, social, cultural) facing our school district's children.  Click "Read More" for images from the presentation ceremony.
Derek Doty joined us this morning to discuss topics from housing to dog control to the future of KLKP (that's the call sign for the Lake Placid Airport, btw). Lots of questions for Derek and we're looking forward to his working with our Bus Shelter Committee on placement of shelter #3 in a spot where it will get good utilization.  We're glad that Derek found time in his busy schedule to talk with us and we know his door is always open to hear items of concern from residents and business owners alike.
Another health related presentation, focusing on the increasing number of individuals experiencing hearing loss.  Not just as part of an aging process but impacting younger people as well due to excessive levels of noise all around us.  Today, author Monique Hammond provided insights as to causes of hearing loss, why this is a quality of life issue and what can be done to protect our hearing.  Hearing loss has been shown to lead to mistakes in following critical directions and recently as a possible cause of dementia.  
AsRA's Leanna Thalmann updated us on the on-going initiatives to keep Mirror Lake healthy and alive with continued efforts to focus on minimizing salt runoff into the lake.  Heavy concentrations of salt and chorlide will prevent the lake from "turning over" each year.  If the lake doesn't "turn over" and refresh, the levels of oxygen in the lake will severely diminish and impair or prevent the lake's being a habitat for lake trout and other cold water species.  A dead lake is not good for recreation, tourism and the economy.  Area residents are asked to take the Mirror Lake Salt Survey to guide AsRa and its partners on measures to take to maintain a healthy Mirror Lake (and other area waters.
Here is the link for the Salt Survey  https://forms.gle/TV6zZ7monERj7QRF7   Complete the survey for a chance to win a $100 gift card from The Bookstore Plus or Green Goddess.
Eight months into his job as the Superintendent of the Lake Placid School District, Tim Seymour outlined his plans for greater involvement of the Lake Placid schools as the lynchpin of partnerships between schools and other community activities and resources.   Tim's vision is to establish a point of coordination among the wide variety of activites which happen in our town and village, leading to more efficient use of resources and available funds in a cycle of continuous improvement of educational opportunities.  Greater parental and community involvement along with incorporating teaching methodologies that stimulate critical thinking are important to the long-term health of our community.
The Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA), welcomed Elizabeth Cooper as its Executive Director in July 2021.  At our meeting today, Elizabeth’s presentation provided detail on how ANCA is helping to position the economy of the North Country’s local communities for sustained wealth and growth.  Elizabeth spoke about ANCA’s 4 program areas:  food systems, clean energy, the entrepreneurial economy, and the Adirondack Diversity initiative. ANCA provides guidance and education utilizing cutting-edge resources to help small businesses emerge, grow and thrive. Visit them at www.adirondack.org or contact Elizabeth at ecooper@adirondack.org  or call her at 518-265-3957. Learn how you can support ANCA’s efforts by becoming a member or learn about having ANCA help your business or the business of someone you know to grow.  
Mark your calendars for August 20, 2022 from 10a to 4p at the John Brown Historic Site.  At today's meeting, Martha Swan (John Brown Lives!) along with Bambi Pedu and Karen Armstrong from the Lake Placid Public Library provided details about this Festival which will feature award-winning children's book authors and other activities in a fun-filled day of activities, hands-on art making and discovery.  Children's and young adult authors and illustrators will meat their readers of all ages, read aloud, and talk about their work.  We also had an overview of the "best kept secret on Main Street," our library.  Click the read more button for the full presentation.
Jenn Deschamps is the current President of the Cornwall Sunrise club.  Recently Jenn made a presentation to the District 7040's DEI committee about her club's efforts in implementing the overall DEI intitiative from Rotary International.  Jenn's presentation to us today described issues which faced her club and the path taken to arrive at a solution. A solution which recognized the concerns of club members, needs of the communities served while building connections and staying true to Rotary's 4-Way test.  Click on "Read More" for some of Jenn's presentation.
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