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If you are not a member of our club but would like to visit us as a guest, please email rotarylakeplacid@gmail.com and we will contact you.  In-person meetings are held at the Shipman Youth Center in Lake Placid or other locations TBD.  We are conducting hybrid (in-person + Zoom) at this time.  Those attending in-person must do so in line with current public health guidelines.  Meetings are each Thursday at 7:20 AM.
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Dan Kelting and Zoe Smith from the Adirondack Watershed Institute at Paul Smith's College joined us today with Dan presenting some very informative graphics on a growing problem in our area.  Uncontrolled spread of invasive species has negative consequences to our economy, much of which is based on tourism and water related activities.  A series of images may be found by clicking the "read more" button below and by vistiting https://www.adkwatershed.org  Learn about what plants and animals are considered as invastive and the job the watershed stewards do to keep invasive out of our waters.  Dan and Zoe welcome your questions and will gladly provide you with information on how you can help this critical ecological project.
Bill Flederbach is in Glasgow this week. Here Bill is seen with RI President Shekhar Mehta and his wife, Rashi.  Bill wants us to know that RI is working on some great environmental projects incluing 9 mangrove restorations.  Bill is CEO of ClimeCo and is working with RI and the esrag group https://esrag.org on CFC destruction and plastic recovery programs.  We're looking forward to hearing a full report from Bill in just a few weeks at a future meeting.
A very informative program today from Erica DeNicola-Scher of the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York.  Our meeting was 100% Zoom with Erica taking us through an understanding of what epilepsy and seizures are along with some general guidelines on how to help someone having a seizure.  "Epilepsy" covers a broad range of situations and, as one of Erica's slide said - it's more than just seizures.  Click to expand images and visit https://www.epilepsy.com/local/northeastern-new-york 
We're quite appreciative of the amount of time the very busy Mike Pratt, CEO of the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) spent with us at today's meeting.  In addition to providing an overview of ORDA's activities at the Olympic Venues in our area and at the Bellayre facility in the Catskills, Mike gave us insights into the strategic thinking and planning that has gone into venue improvements, creating for vistiors and athletes - in additiona to us locals - experiences that are modern and sustainable for years to come.  Quite an interesting hour with Mike, full of information and things we can look forward to enjoying.
People were happy, as we were, to have Trivia Night be in-person again, with questions posed by MC Martha Spear.  First Place went (again) to the Irish Mafia, captained by Tricia Preston.  Second place went to Mary Johnson's Literary Bombers and third place tie resulted in two playoff rounds between Roger Catania's Ed Oppers and Bill Barnes' Indian Rockers.  A suspense filled coin-toss had to be used to award 3rd place to the Ed Oppers.  Of course proof of vaccination was required with masks worn when not seated at a table.  Thank you to the Saranac Waterfront Lodge for hosting.
A few weeks before Tina's sudden passing, she had mentioned in one of our weekly meetings how pleased and proud she was to begin blogging on her Tina Leonard Real Estate Website.  Perhaps you haven't had a chance to read it.  Tina's daugher, Daci, has provided the link to the blog page.  Take a few moments read it and share in Tina's thoughts about some life experiences: https://bit.ly/3j2lPOM
Jacinthe Paillé is from the Rotary Club of D7040 Quebec.  At our October 7th meeting Jacinthe "zoomed" in with her presentation as the 2021 - 2022 District Literacy Chair .  Jacinthe uses Padlet to create a "wall" of the many programs she wants to share and discuss with other educators and students.  Here's a snapshot of the wall but to see it "live" and explore its content, please click https://padlet.com/j14intoronto/AlphaLiteracy
It's the 20th anniversary year for the Adirondack Film Festival.  At today's meeting, Gary Smith paid us another visit to update on this year's festival and some upcoming events as the festival's organizers work to make this a standout event among all the other film festivals in the world.  Please visit http://www.adirondackfilm.org for more details on this year's festival.  Gary told the club about a project backed by Amazon Prime that will begin filming in our area.  A multi-episode series that looks to be quite interesting.
Gary mentioned several seminars that are in the works as well.  
Coming right on the heels of the Duck Race (do webbed feet have heels?  Inquiring minds want to know), several Rotarians staffed a table at the Lake Placid Community Day celebration.  Left to right are Kate Thompson, Susan Friedmann, club co-President Heather Perkins, Mary Liz Alexander and Chandler Ralph.  Also thanks to Rotarian Martha Spear who was co-chair of the entire event.  In addition to letting folks know about our club, information was also available about the Lake Placid New York Rotary Foundation.
That's what Howie Rose says at the end of a game when the Mets win and that's what we say as the Lake Placid community wlll benefit from the proceeds of the 2021 Dam Duck Race.
At today's meeting, Emmett Smith, a founder of Northern Power and Light, spoke to the club about the local renewable energy movement - hydro power and the power grid.  Emmet's company provides electricity from a small, family run hydro business via New York's Community Renewables Program.  The Foley and Smith families have been involved in Adirondack hydroelectric power projects since the 1970s. As owner-operators, they’ve worked to contribute to strong communities and healthy ecosystems, while producing distributed renewable power for the Niagara-Mohawk electric grid.  More information on how to get involved with this project may be found at the company's website: http://www.npandl.com  Here's a link to Emmett's podcast (listen for free) looking at the Texas black out, exploring similarities between the Texas and New York electricity systems and what we can learn from outages in the South. https://www.audible.com/pd/Peak-Power-Northern-NYs-Energy-Podcast-Podcast/B08K57SF33
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The 2021 Dam Duck Race
September 11, 2021:
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