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Presently our weekly meetings are by video conference.  If you are not a member of our club but would like to visit us as a guest, please email rotarylakeplacid@gmail.com and we will contact you.  In-person meetings are held at the Courtyard by Marriott in Lake Placid.  We will resume in person meetings at a date to be determined and in line with applicable public health guidelines.  Meetings are each Thursday at 7:20 AM.
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A special holiday treat for residents receiving care at Elderwood of Uihlein.  Club members generously donated gifts of books, personal care items and games to each of Elderwood's residents in addition to a box of chocolates for everyone.  Rotarians chose what to provide from a wish list that was made available to the Club.  Several club members also sang Christmas carols to the residents by being socially distant and singing outside windows of the facility.  Shown here are Club members Bill & Linda  Flederbach, Chandler Ralph and Bridget McKillip making the delivery.  Elderwood staff, recognizing the devotion to their work, will be treated to a pizza lunch.
Our last meeting of the year had Joe Tastrom, representing the Beagle Freedom Project, inform us about the BFP's mission of rescuing and rehabilitating animals used in testing and research and subjected to other forms of unique cruelty, abuse and neglect. BFP strives to end this cruelty through its educational programs, campaign initiatives and lobbying efforts to make the world a better, safer and healthier place for both animals and people alike.  More information found at http://www.bfp.org
This week's feature article in The Lake Placid News highlights the Colonel himself, Kerry Gates.  You may recall the video presentation from a few meetings ago.  Kerry, as a young lad of 7, was at Pearl Harbor with his family on December 7, 1941.  Click this link for Kerry's story:  https://bit.ly/376cIXQ
On 12/3 we were joined by the Editor of The Lake Placid News, Andy Flynn.  Andy spoke to us about the importance of a local newspaper to the community.  Andy generously provides space in the paper for our Club's monthly column.  This provides a vary valuable channel of information to our community, in addition to our web page and social media.  Andy also informed us of upcoming workshops dealing with the art of crating a good press release, something that's important when the subject involves fundraisiting.  
A goal of the North Country Healthy Heart Network is to design, develop and implement strategies to raise awareness of and decrease the incidence of cardiac diseases, stroke and related illnesses.  At today's virtual Club meeting, Ann Morgan, Executive Director of the Healthy Heart Network presented an overview of the organization's history and current projects.  For more information visit https://heartnetwork.org/ and while you're there, take the simple 1 minute test on prediabetes - a growing medical issue in our area.  
On Oct. 29 our club welcomed Rob Riley, President of the Northern Forest Center, who spoke to us about trends impacting population changes not just in the Lake Placid area but across what's called the Northern Forest.  We were shown very interesting charts and data to consider as rural areas focus on how to attract a mix of tourists and those who seek to move to an area where there's an affinity with the environment.  Click here for Rob's presentation: https://bit.ly/3oHatAU   The Annual Report of the Northern Forest Center may be found here: https://bit.ly/34CAlWK 
Our club welcomed NYSP Major. Tony Oliver, commander of Troop B, to our virtual meeting on October 22.  Maj. Oliver spoke about the history, mission of the NY State Police as well as the high physical, mental and ethical standards Troopers are expected to maintain.  Maj. Oliver replied in depth to several questions from our club including how troopers handle specific situations in the field and current issues such as use of body cams.  We thank Maj. Oliver for his time today as well as his service over a 30 year career with the NYSP. https://bit.ly/2FSHgS9
On October 15, Attorney/Educator/Motivator Kelly Charles-Collins spoke with our club on several topics which are frequently in today's news cycle such as diversity and unconscious bias.  Club members were shown a video which stressed how "words matter" and raising individual awareness to certain behaviors which may impair personal relationships in our everyday activities.  
Our changeover dinner was held at the Lake Placid Horse Show Grounds on July 2, 2020.  Tina Leonard and Tracey Coolidge were inducted as Co-Presidents for the new Club year.  To see more pictures, please scroll down to the Photo Library section/
Our guest speaker this morning was Nicole Hylton-Patterson, informing club members about the creation and purpose of the Adirondack Diversity Initiative (ADI). Ms. Hylton-Patterson said the goal of the ADI  is to help our region be more welcoming and inclusive to visitors and residents to the Adirondack Park, benefitting the economic and political health of the region.   Through a series of upcoming lectures and programs, the ADI will seek to elevate "cultural consciousness" on several levels with emphasis to be found in a series of programs called "The Black Experience in the Adirondacks.  More about the ADI may be found in the press release from the Adirondack Council: https://bit.ly/2BJUP3F  Find out more about Nicole in this story from NCPR: https://bit.ly/2VuQKrd
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